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Vicente Romero Redondo

Vicente Romero Redondo is a Spanish pastel painting artist who is known for amazing female pastel paintings.

Vicente Romero Redondo was born in Madrid in 1956. He was much interested to draw caricatures during his school time.

Due to the work of his father, he grew up in many different towns all over Spain.
The family moved back to Madrid when he was 15 years old.

Vicente Romero Redondo achieved his dream when he began studies at the High School for Art San Fernando, which is the most popular school for art in Spain.

After the High School for Art San Fernando,Vicente Romero Redondo

Vicente Romero Redondo started his early years in sculpture and later turned into painting. He believed that only painting could express true emotions.

Vicente Romero Redondo worked on the street for several years.

Vicente Romero Redondo settled with his wife in Costa Brava in the end of 1980s. It kick started a new era in his artistic life. This place gave the perfect blend of light, models, landscapes and a calm atmosphere which is a dream for every artists.

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