onsdag den 20. september 2017

And then there are the artwork

Polka dot is everywhere....

Oil painting of woman wearing a polka dot dress by Jerry Rulf
“Jenna” – by Jeremy Lipking (b. 1975), oil on canvas,
Woman white polka dot dress with flowers Acrylic Painting Original Art Polka Dot Romance by Caroline
Girl with a blue polka dot dress about to eat a banana by Aarron Laidig
Polka Dot Dress  by Jim Salvati
Girl on the Beach in a Polka Dot Dress by Jennifer Yoswa
Woman in a White-dotted Dress, 1889, oil painting by  József Rippl-Ronai

Painting of a young African American girl in a blue polka dot dress by Amy Sherald 

But when it comes to Polka-dottedd then you have to mention:

Minnie Mouse - the one and only - in a polka dot dress

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