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Rainy Days - Steve Hanks

Summer Rain

“This is a recent painting I did on Clayboard, a surface that still amazes me as a watercolor artist. The colors are brighter, the rainwater and reflections are even more realistic.”
Steve Hanks

Catching the Rain

Shelter for the Heart

Walking in the Rain
There are places to go

On the surface, the story behind this painting is straight forward,This young woman has decided that  it is time for her to leave home and make her own way in the world. The choice is hers and she is confident and self assured in her decision. But as it is with most of my paintings, there is a deeper, personal story to it." 
Steve Hanks

Leaving in the Rain

 Waiting in the Rain

The Road less Traveled

“I find those straight, long roads that transverse the barrenness of nowhere so intriguing. Who lives out there, what do they do? Imagine having grown up in one of those small Midwestern towns and what it is like to decide it is time to leave that small-town life behind? I think we all want to believe we would take the road less traveled, but are we prepared for the inclement weather or the time that may pass before opportunity offers us a ride? Certainly, this girl radiates inner confidence and everything about her, right down to her off-beat clothes, represents one who would choose to take the road less traveled.”
Steve Hanks

Sunshine after the Rain

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