torsdag den 11. maj 2017

THE BLACK SWAN serie By Kay Boyce

Black Swan II

               Black Swan IV

Black Swan I

Black Swan

Kay Boyce

Kay Boyce using pastel and pencil for her drawings and more recently painting in oil, Kay Boyce 's art is instantly recognisable and graces collections around the globe. An established figurative artist with immense ability to capture the female form capturing texture and softness has made her a very successful Uk Artist. 

British painter Kay Boyce was bornin Sheffield, England..

As a child Kay Boyce would often spend hours at a time drawing on rolls of wallpaper; this was the beginning of her passion for art.

Kay Boyce studied illustration at Wrexham College before working as a freelance illustrator.

Kay Boyce delicate use of oils and pastels and love of antique clothes and fabrics lend a soft feminine quality to her work which appeals to men and women alike.

Kay Boyce has trained in Ballet and contemporary dance (and now Salsa) and it is this that has given her an insight into her subject and an aptitude for reproducing it.

Kay Boyce - Potrait of the Artist

"There is nothing more beautiful than a sense of movement and dance" - the motto of paintings ” KAY BOYCE

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