tirsdag den 25. juli 2017

A Mother’s love – paintings by Vladimir Volegov.

A Mother’s love” - Such a beautiful way to describe the mothers love for her children.

 Its a story told in painting. You dont need words – just take a look on these beautiful paintings – and let the eyes see and feel...

ACQUAINTANCE WITH FLOWER, painting, 73x73 cm, oil on canvas

AFTER SLEEP, painting, 100x65 cm, oil on canvas


FAMILY PORTRAIT, painting, 122x91 cm, oil on canvas

FIRST READING, painting, 100x73 cm, oil on canvas

IN THE SHADOW, painting, 92x73 cm, oil on canvas

IRISES, painting, 90x70 cm, oil on canvas

MOMENT OF DISCOVERY, painting, 100x81 cm, oil on canvas

MOTHER AND CHILD, painting, 50x70 cm, oil on canvas

MOTHER AND SON, painting, 92x73 cm, oil on canvas

MY BABY IN FLOWERS, painting, 80x80 cm, oil on canvas

MY BABY, Painting, oil on canvas 

NEAR OLD DOOR, painting, 91x122 cm, oil on canvas

ON BENCH IN THE GARDEN, painting, 76x102 cm, oil on canvas

ON THE WALK, painting, 92x73 cm, oil on canvas

POLINA WITH HER DAUGHTERS, painting, 92x73 cm, oil on canvas,

QUESTION, painting, 90x90 cm, oil on canvas

SUNDAY CONVERSATION, painting, 91x122 cm, oil on canvas

WEEKEND ON THE OCEAN, painting, 91x122 cm, oil on canvas

WEEKEND, painting, 100x65 cm, oil on canvas,

WHITE FLOWER, painting, 80x70 cm, oil on canvas

WHITE IRISES, painting, 92x65 cm, oil on canvas

YOUNG MOM, painting, 60x70 cm, oil on canvas

mandag den 24. juli 2017

Vladimir Volegov "MASTER OF LIGHT"

First Art book of Vladimir Volegov, includes 98 plates selected from more than 500 paintings created during last years since 2004. The book contents twenty page spreads with large images of paintings. The book includes two articles and biography of Vladimir.
Soft cover with brilliant varnish.

All design made by Vladimir Volegov.

Children Paintings by Vladimir Volegov

Just a look and you will never forget Volegovs paintings. He is creating a moment so beautiful , that it is almost as if you can hear the birds sing in the background.

Enjoy the paintings and dream a little dream....
RED RIBBON, painting, 60x45 cm, oil on canvas

lCONVERSATION WITH A CAMOMILE, painting , 65x54 cm, oil on canvas
CHERRIES, painting, 60x50 cm, oil on canvas

CONVERSATION WITH SPARROW, painting, 73x73 cm, oil on canvas

EMMA, painting, 80x80 cm, oil on canvas

MICHELE, portrait, 30x40 cm, oil on canvas

MICKEY MOUSE, painting, 81x65 cm, oil on canvas
HOSTESS, painting, 41x51 cm, oil on canvas

OCCUPIED, painting 51x61 cm, oil on canvas
SUMMER COMING, painting, 47x61 cm, oil on canvas

MOTHER'S BROOCH, painting, 73x73 cm, oil on canvas

TULIPS, painting, 73x73 cm, oil on canvas

LITTLE POND OF MARIMURTRA, painting, 100x80 cm, oil on canvas  
STORYTELLER, painting 51x61 cm, oil on canvas,

LAURE, commissioned portrait, WILLIAMS BOUGUEREAU inspiration, 51x75 cm, oil on canvas,
AGATA, painting, 80x80 cm, oil on canvas
SCARLET FLOWERS, painting 92x73 cm, oil on canvas

Vladimir Volegov

Russian painter Vladimir Volegov is famous for his figurative paintings with his dramatic use of color and texture he creates a portrait-like treatment of the female form, captured in a frozen, yet living moment, with the surrounding bursts of color and scenery.

Born on December 19, 1957 in Khabarovsk, Russia, Vladimir began painting at the age of three and his talent would be noted repeatedly throughout his adolescence.

Vladimir graduated from Lvov Polygraphic Institute. In 1984 he began participating in art exhibitions, where he got awards. In 1988 he moved to Moscow, studied the art of painting and worked in commercial art.

In 1990, Vladimir decided to commit himself entirely to true art, and left the world of commercial art behind him, to travel around Europe making a living as a street artist by painting portraits of travelers. He painted his way through Spain, Germany, and Austria, ever perfecting the striking techniques that he uses today.

He creates wonderful expressive pictures of young women with kids, books, flowers, and cats. All his artwork is full of tenderness and infinite sensitivity.

He is a maestro who play with brushes and knives on just a smooth canvas.

For me it is important to show people the most wonderful feeling of beauty, nature, sun, warmness and tenderness. When looking at my paintings I want the viewer to think of their own memories, bathed in a positive mood of their own feelings and emotions”

It is complicated to tell you about a “favourite painting”. While I create them, all of them are a favourite, each one is valuable for me, the most important is the process of creating…”

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